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Bulldog Block

If students are tardy to Bulldog Block, please add them to the Bulldog Block Tardies Form linked here: Bulldog Block Tardies Form

Every 3 tardies (cumulative, not per teacher) will result in 5 days of BB detention.

If students do not have a planner, they should be sent to the front office during Bulldog Block (not to another teacher). 
All teachers have a Bulldog Block Daily Schedule sign displayed or there is one in their box. These signs must be placed near your door so that students know which days you are open or closed. If you want an extra copy, please let Mr. Etheridge know.

Here's an example of the sign:

Once a student comes to BB they can't leave when they finish a test or assignment. SIT thought this was the best, least confusing decision when they met at the end of last year.

​Email your administrator if a student skips. 1 Skip = 5 days BB detention. BB is held in the Cafeteria.

Here is a copy of the Open and Tutorial Classrooms poster we have posted around the school:​